Volunteering Experience

The main goal of OriginAL is to educate diaspora youth about Albanian culture. There’s no better way to learn than volunteering activities. This experience will open your eyes to new perspectives on history, from arts and crafts to singing Albanian folklore and feeling ethnic in traditional costumes, it doesn’t get more Albanian than this!


Rugova is a mountain region located to the northwest of the city of Peja. Rugova is a suitable region for hiking, skiing, mountaineering, paragliding, and picnics. With its breathtaking landscape Rugova is rich with caves, waterfalls, high peaks and tunnels.


The town of Berat is known for its historic architecture and scenery and is known as the “Town of a Thousand Windows”, due to the many large windows of the old decorated houses overlooking the town. It is unclear whether it really means “Thousand” or “One over Another” windows.


Prizren is one of the biggest cities of Kosova. Without a doubt Prizren is ‘the historical capital city of the country’. Prizren is a multicultural city that for centuries managed to preserve its traditions. The city became a major Albanian cultural centre and the coordination political and cultural capital of the Albanians from Kosova.


Tirana is the capital and in the same time the largest city of Albania. It is located in the center of the country, enclosed by mountains and hills with Dajti rising to the east and a slight valley to the northwest overlooking of the Adriatic Sea in the distance. Tirana carries within stories of the suffering of the people, especially with the museums that reveal the years of dictatorship.

Castle of Kruja

The Krujë Castle is a castle in the city of Krujë, Albania and the center of Skanderbeg’s resistance against the Ottoman Empire. During the Albanian Revolt of 1432-1436 the city was unsuccessfully besieged by Andrea Thopia and Ottoman rule was restored. After Skanderbeg’s resistance in 1443 the castle withstood three massive sieges from the Turks respectively in 1450, 1466 and 1467 with garrisons usually no larger than 2,000-3,000 men under Skanderbeg’s command.

Get ready! / Bëhuni gati!

Application will open on May 25th, 2022.

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