An OriginAL Journey
Our vision is to provide a unique and life-changing experience for Albanian Youth that will take them on a fascinating journey to their homelands and inspire them to be a part of a Global Albanian Community

Our Story

The OriginAL is inherently tied to Albanian origins, as its name suggests. It started as an idea aiming to allow young diaspora individuals to explore their Albanian heritage from diverse vantage points.

The OriginAL is a GERMIN and the Global Albanians Foundation (GAF) joint program. The program was inspired by Birthright Israel, Birthright Africa, Reconnect Hungary, and Birthright Armenia, among other similar initiatives worldwide; the program endeavors to offer a cost-free volunteer, educational, and cultural encounter to young Albanians in the diaspora (aged 18-24) in their countries of origin.

Since we started the OriginAL program, we have had over 800 registrations and received more than 400 applications. Thanks to a successful fundraising campaign, we have conducted three cohorts, bringing together 93 participants from 24 countries. This achievement showcases our dedication to connecting young Albanians in the diaspora and strengthening their cultural identity.

OriginAL hereby acknowledges the role of the EXINN Technology Center in creating and developing the brand name OriginAL and its generous contribution to our program by allowing the use of the word OriginAL without any cost as a social contribution to promote Brand Albania worldwide.

Our Mission

OriginAL’s mission is to build a program that brings thousands of Albanian youth on a free two-week trip to their homeland countries every year that will: 

·        Connect them to strengthen their sense of Albanian roots, identity, and belonging; 

·        Provide an immersive cultural and educational experience, and 

·        Build bridges for Albanian youth to network and collaborate 


OriginAL will plant the seeds for its Alumni to stay connected and take on future leadership roles that promote and contribute to the development of their homeland and diaspora communities around the world.

Our Community

OriginAL will change the way that Albanian Diaspora Youth perceive their homeland countries by promoting its people and wonders in the most realistic way.  We believe that one of the main obstacles in our path to development is the lack of direct communication and contact between each other. Therefore, by bringing the Diaspora Youth closer to their origins, OriginAL hopes to motivate them to continue to explore their Albanian identity and support for the homelands, as well as maintain long-lasting connections with the Albanians they meet on their trip. OriginAL will encourage participants to take active roles in their communities and to participate in follow-up activities worldwide.

The journey will leave a lasting mark on you, and you will return home a changed and a more committed person.

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Application will open on May 25th, 2022.

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