February 23, 2022


Albanians in the Diaspora have few media outlets where they can talk about their life stories as Albanians living abroad – they are usually only seen as large numbers! We want to change that though – through our new podcast platform “Albanian Stories”, we want to tell their stories to the world.

The Global Albanians Foundation and GERMIN are happy to announce the first podcast/vodcast series that will be focusing on the “Albanian Stories” of our diaspora members.

The weekly series is for people to share OriginAL stories about “What it means to be Albanian living in Diaspora”. These are personal stories of how they relate to the homeland, in what ways they draw strength from the homeland, how life is adjusting in the diaspora, or stories on how they contribute back home even from afar. Our main objectives are:

  • Inspiring Albanians around the world with our collective success stories;
  • Connecting Albanians around the world through our different and unique personal stories;
  • Encouraging Young Albanians to Participate in our New Program “OriginAL”

OriginAL is a joint program of GERMIN and GAF, that aims to provide a volunteer, educational and cultural experience for Diaspora Youth that will strengthen their sense of ethnic identity and create long-lasting connections, especially with their youth peers in our homeland countries.

We believe that the podcast/vodcast series “Albanian Stories” will be an excellent way to reach thousands of Albanians around the world and in our homeland countries, and that OriginAL will attract hundreds and later thousands of Albanian Diaspora Youth to be more engaged with their homeland in the years to come.

Get ready! / Bëhuni gati!

Application will open on May 25th, 2022.

Aplikimi hapet më datë 25 Maj, 2022.